I am really grateful. Your insight felt soothing and dreamlike. It is a rare gift to have someone tell a story about who you are.
— Lauren Matthews, Writer, San Francisco, CA
Genevieve gave me a remote reading, I was in Australia and she in India. It was by far the best reading I have ever had! She is intelligent, insightful, articulate, and an extremely good listener. It was an experience of mutual discovery and made me feel more confident moving into the unknown. She is the real deal.
— Dylan Roddick, Musician, New York, NY
Genevieve delivers readings with unparalleled grace and tenderness. She provides insight with a psychological mindedness I have always hopes for when I work with astrologist, but have not received until now. I would recommend working with her to anyone interested in learning about themselves and healing in the process.
— Dr. Jordana Jacobs, Clinical Psychologist, Brooklyn, New York
Genevieve is a highly intuitive, extremely caring reader. She has been reading my charts for ten years, and every session with her brings me fresh perspective and often leaves me feeling calmer and more accepting of whatever my situation is, and more sure of the direction I need to go. I have never felt self-conscious or shy about bringing something personal to Genevieve, her heart is open and totally non-judging. She is a natural poet and her readings are filled with beautiful imagery that I can listen to over and over again. If I could I’d have her read my chart every week!
— Jules Bakshi, Choreographer/Dancer, & Founder, GoodMove, Brooklyn, New York
I didn’t know what to expect when I first had a birth chart reading from Genevieve Sky. I was at a crossroads in my career and asked her what I should be doing! After reading my birth chart with a huge emphasis on “sharing my knowledge with others” and “teaching a community” (something I could never have pinpointed myself), it opened my mind to start thinking of the possibilities. Knowing Genevieve’s innate knowledge and mastery of astrology, and that this birth chart reading was so honest and custom to only my birth location and time, it gave me an eerie confidence that made me believe. Within one month of the reading, I was asked to do workshops and talks about my niche expertise, and even started my own podcast with the momentum and energy first discovered in my session with Genevieve. It was like a page turned.
— Carey Balogh, Founder and Chief Groupie, Brand Groupies
Receiving an astrology reading from Genevieve is like taking a spirit walk into one’s soul. Through mindful dialogue she gently guided me into the subtle layers of my inner terrain, sharing rich insights as she explored the astral architecture and cosmic anatomy of my being. I’m deeply grateful to Genevieve as she so beautifully brought to light the splendid woven tapestry of stars, planets and asteroids that make up my chart.
— David Sunshine, Owner/Teacher, Dallas Yoga Center, Dallas, Texas
Genevieve offers an artfully articulate mirror like reflection that doesn’t merely capture the seeming appearances of things as they are, but she masterfully identifies a culture of one’s Being that feels foundationally “true”. She artfully reads in a way that makes the substance of her time with us both grounded and poetic, allowing for meaningful insights into the mundanity of an every day life, as well as cultivating an inspired approach to seeing the seeming arc of things as they might be for us to both flourish and protect ourselves from unnecessary distraction. She offers herself as a resource for clarity, and in this world of incessant disorientation it is a gift we would do well to indulge in.
— Lowell Boyers, Painter, New York, New York
I was a first timer prone to skepticism when Genevieve gave me a birth chart reading. She was engaging, comforting, thoughtful and put her interpretations of my chart into words I could understand. She allowed me to ask questions throughout and wanted my feedback on how her analysis fit into my life - which I loved. It was so incredible to hear such specific reflections on my past and current life stage(s) identified and related to each other! I learned a lot and felt totally engaged throughout, would definitely come back again!
— Samantha, Los Angeles, California
I’ve had astrology readings with Genevieve via Skype a few times, and it’s always great. I get an audio recording so I can revisit what we covered and I love that. She really dived deep into my chart, articulating details about my personality and what might be holding me back. lt was a great way to bring awareness to my real potential and things I can work on to overcome obstacles. Genevieve is really great at articulating and putting into words all the medicine that the past and present has to offer. Which really brings awareness on how I can move into the future in a more conscious way. It’s both practical and poetic at the same time which really reminds me how magical life on this planet is.
— Nanse Kawashima, Art and Tarot, New York, NY