Schedule an Astrological Consultation with Genevieve Sky

Personal Consultation

includes natal, transit, & progression synthesis


In a Personal Consultation we explore the map of the sky at the moment of your birth - and uncover your unique potentials, challenges, path of awareness, and soulful evolution. We assess current transits and progressions for insight into present life cycles and soul learning. Whether this is your first reading or another session of many astrological consultations, the chart holds messages unique to your time, place, and needs that can be contemplated and used as a mirror throughout a lifetime. Together we investigate how to care for and realize you in a way that celebrates every dimension of experience.

- bring awareness to you (past, present, and future) 

- tune to life/soul cycles and what’s calling you

- celebrate your life and authentic gifts

- includes a recording of the session

- includes an intuitive poem by Genevieve Sky in response to our session

generally required for first time clients.

 Relationship Consultation

includes natal, synastry, composite, transit, & progression synthesis


In a Relationship Consultation we explore the astrological synastry between two people, in the context of each persons’ soul paths. These readings are an uncanny way to bring awareness to relationship dynamics of all kinds and aim to support the maturing and celebration of the connection. Love/partner relationships are of course the most popular consultations but these charts can also be used to assess and bring insight to professional, familial, personal, and creative collaborations of all kinds.

- Appreciate your love interest, partner, family member or collaborator with fresh eyes, compassion, and insight.

- Gain understanding of what your relationship triggers and inspires in each of you, in the context of present life cycles.

- Appreciate the soulful needs of each of you.

You will receive:

- a recording of the session

- an intuitive poem by Genevieve Sky in response to our session

generally client starts with a Personal Consultation with Genevieve Sky.

Special Consultations

personalize your focus based on present or ongoing inspiration

Session or session package rates available by inquiry.

Special Consultations are beautiful way to return to the chart over and over to support an ongoing deepening of growth and insight. Popular for returning clients, we assess what the focus of package consultations should be based on client goals, such as reflecting on present astrological influences, a relationship, or personal goals and understanding.

Consultations can include date selection, event analysis, relationships, asteroid goddesses, business charts, travel, and personal, creative, or professional support.

Contact Genevieve Sky to assess your inspiration and needs.

Special Consultations are based on a combination of chart types and are generally for return clients.