New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 2nd, 12:16 pm PDT

Here it is, the solar eclipse of July 2019, in the feeling, being, healing, and nurturing sign of Cancer. Get close to it. How do you feel? What great lessons are being stirred by events? How do they connect with the events of July 2018? And how about 2010? The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series is bringing about great soul shifts, especially for those with Libra-Aries or Cancer-Capricorn nodes. Cancer, you softness is brutal to take. My tender broken heart can hardly hold you above the engulfing waters, but Capricorn’s back bone and maturity is willing to be a spine and feet for you. Glorious being. Just be, Cancer whispers silently in the roll of waves. Standing in ocean there is a soft vast embrace. Stand upright or however you need to - to weather any storm. Trust your back. Let the gentle stirrings of deep personal knowing touch and awaken you. Where there is unhealthy patterning zero in on it. Discover neglected needs, honor, and begin anew. We can take care of one another but not at the expense of ourselves. We need to be more closely with ourselves and then with others. Vulnerability - practice allowing it. Accountability and integrity, serve it for breakfast. Chew the reality that this is your precious life. We have only this — may it be nourishing, feminine, and awake. The eclipse season rolls in perhaps like changing tides. Notice endings and beginnings. Make aspirations, choose health, support sensation in your heart — and access to love and magic. Here we are learning to honor the feminine/masculine, yin/yang within and around us. May we release and embody emotionally responsive and sage bodies, awakening to our lives as they are. Nurture, hold, be unwavering in your commitments. We need containers to allow the profundity of this softness to breathe. And softness to nurture the container of ourselves. Remember confidence and the benefits of solitude as well as intimate and familial connections of all kinds. We are transforming. This series of eclipses is ushering along our soul paths. Observe and look out for wake up calls. Wake to dream. Grow up.