New Moon in Gemini, June 3rd, 3:02 am PDT

This New Moon make sure to set your pure heart and spirit’s content/intent for this lunar cycle and beyond. We start a fresh cycle, though we are in the process of structuring what we value, are willing to work for, and create. What is the sound of our spirit — can we raise the vibration of that? Listen, seek not answers, but elegance and literary taste - not of books - but of phenomena. As your perceive, may you delight. As you listen, may you surrender to a pure light. The ground beneath us is going to crack wherever we are lacking integrity. Check Capricorn’s house in your chart and let this New Moon’s light and intelligent energy uplift that journey. Gemini’s ability to sketch humor into anything is absolute. Let joy/play be your twin - the mischievous kind. And again, align with pure heart, love, intention - and then - stick to the schedule.