New Moon in Leo, July 31st, 8:11 pm PDT

Where’s your p-p play passion portal to looovve. If the New Moon lunar cycle delivers one message during the next few weeks it’s along the axis of love and celebration. Of you, of romance, of play, of overcoming doubts and setting the authentic stage of your life. Now is the time. The grace of you is here, lean into your light and divine creative sparking - - desire, desert, delicious, delicacies. Make aspirations and voice the true longings and whims of you. The trine from Venus to Chiron sensitizes us to those in need and to the hesitation and fearfulness that may be present around particularly a sense of “I”. Even if we’re roaming like a lion king in dreams, a sense of confidence can glow and light up the world. Roam with confidence this New Moon beckons, surrender control of the external values that might obscure your heart’s truth. Leo celebrates the profound passion and play of heart and light. Emanate you to others, not because you need the confirmation, but because you are a glowing portal of royalty and an emissary of the Sun’s radiance and goodness. Relationships. Celebrate them. Surrender those which aren’t serving you so they may re-arise more glowing or nourishing. Chiron gives us the thoughtfulness and transcendent insight to learn about where we’ve kept our heart closed. Chiron now can turn the key to let love flow. Trust you. How and where is love and relationship ready to flow? Love doubt, love need, accept even your own narcissism, in a dance and proclamation of courage and command. And all this on repeat until the next Full Moon. We are setting the stage for the next phase of our lives with the eclipse season portal having closed. Mercury is also Direct, so anticipate sexy veggies in forward motion.