New Moon in Leo, July 31st, 8:11 pm PDT

Where’s your p-p play passion portal to looovve. If the New Moon lunar cycle delivers one message during the next few weeks it’s along the axis of love and celebration. Of you, of romance, of play, of overcoming doubts and setting the authentic stage of your life. Now is the time. The grace of you is here, lean into your light and divine creative sparking - - desire, desert, delicious, delicacies. Make aspirations and voice the true longings and whims of you. The trine from Venus to Chiron sensitizes us to those in need and to the hesitation and fearfulness that may be present around particularly a sense of “I”. Even if we’re roaming like a lion king in dreams, a sense of confidence can glow and light up the world. Roam with confidence this New Moon beckons, surrender control of the external values that might obscure your heart’s truth. Leo celebrates the profound passion and play of heart and light. Emanate you to others, not because you need the confirmation, but because you are a glowing portal of royalty and an emissary of the Sun’s radiance and goodness. Relationships. Celebrate them. Surrender those which aren’t serving you so they may re-arise more glowing or nourishing. Chiron gives us the thoughtfulness and transcendent insight to learn about where we’ve kept our heart closed. Chiron now can turn the key to let love flow. Trust you. How and where is love and relationship ready to flow? Love doubt, love need, accept even your own narcissism, in a dance and proclamation of courage and command. And all this on repeat until the next Full Moon. We are setting the stage for the next phase of our lives with the eclipse season portal having closed. Mercury is also Direct, so anticipate sexy veggies in forward motion.

Mercury retrograde in Leo, July 7th - 31st / Chiron retrograde in Aries July 8th - December 12th

The mythic messenger of the gods is going on it’s second retrograde voyage of the year — during a significant time of endings and beginnings — and soul teachings around choice in response to life’s difficulties. Have you contemplated the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series in connection with the nodes in relationship to your personal birth chart? DM me for a reading! We are facing our deepest habitual karmic patterns, personally, ancestrally, and collectively. Consider what’s up for you and how the development of integrity, responsibility, and an ever-softening intuitive softness can support you.
Mercury retrograde can help us realign with our highest heart centered callings during this ripe time of transformation. Expect time to work differently and messages to be delivered spontaneously and through creative play. Make time for joy and pleasure— for activities that let your heart and light shine front and center. We are undergoing a lot and feeling is required around our darkest patterns and shadows. A best way to nourish the higher consciousness, awareness, integrity, and responsibility we need for this healing — may be JOY and PLAY.
Look out for defensiveness, self-centeredness, or later when Mercury returns to Cancer, oversensitivity. We can choose to respond to any opposition and chaos with appreciation for the push towards soul growth. We can respect our pain and allow it to teach us where we are caught. Never abandoning earth and body. In other words, no matter how transcendent our insight, we need to deal with what’s really going on for us. The invitation is to do so with unconditional acceptance, spontaneity, and taking pleasure in seeing.
Chiron’s retrograde too, deepens our inquiry around personal initiative and bravery. This will activate uniquely depending on your personal Chiron pattern, but let open-hearted or vulnerable hearted bravery and warriorship be an inspiration. We can revisit masculine and feminine archetypes in our psyche and open to new possibilities of being, healing, and autonomy.

Neptune-Saturn Sextile, Jupiter square Neptune, + Mercury-Mars in Cancer opposition Pluto, June 19th

Part I:

Considering that the Neptune-Saturn sextile is the source of some very dreamy and concrete inspiration, at the same time that Jupiter’s square to Neptune could really charge our dreams! These planets are in their own signs, empowering vivid potential energy. I’m contemplating the following as we navigate this dreamy, foggy, and greatly inspired time.
While incredible potential, good fortune, and vision are possible, we are in need of evolving our collective masculine/feminine archetypes on a collective scale (irrespective of gender identity). The shadow side of vision can manifest in how we go about showing up for our commitments and goals/dreams (Capricorn)? We are evolving our capacity as sage beings. While choice, integrity, schedule, and discipline are needed— perhaps even more relevant is our soulful need for softness?
The North Node in Cancer calls we learn to integrate intuitive knowledge and feminine wisdom into the reality of our daily lives. We need stand for softness in every dimension of our lives. The intuitive knowing and emotional capacity of the soft innards of a crab are perhaps the very anecdote we soulfully seek and need to make vivid in reality our aspirations. Likewise, the evolution of our healthy masculine archetype and paternal images on a collective scale, need - desperately - to integrate this side of the axis

Part II:

Mercury and Mars in opposition to Pluto today are whispering a warrior stance for gentleness and vulnerability especially strongly. Be aware of the intensity of this aspect and take the opportunity June 18-20 to look deeply at whatever is calling your care and gentler strategy. We can see through wherever we are stuck right now, but we have to look in a way that takes a mature responsibility (soft, feeling, and nonjudgmental) for our part. Where are we unforgiving? We might open to the discomfort within and around that. Inside of that, there is something to discover about what is going on beneath our shell.
The North Node directs us towards Cancer’s nurturing, soft, very human understanding, and radical acceptance. This applies to ourselves and ultimately - to all beings. Despite our disagreements, are you alive to what it feels like? We can transform with softness, feeling, and understanding. It’s a good moment to begin.

Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn + North Node in Cancer Reflection, June 12th

As you navigate Capricorn–Cancer, THIS. How does it speak to you? I see the white tiger’s tender jaws as the embodiment of harmonizing this axis. Firm and tender care, of our personal, inner, and outer cubs. We need healthy Saturnian jaws as well as heartfelt and nurturing responsiveness (Cancer). Look out for clenching too tightly or neglecting altogether tenderness and need. Astrologers will in chorus reflect on the upcoming conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, a significant collective transit we are all feeling. We are facing our debts in Capricorn - in the words of my friend @wildflower. Let this white tiger be an inspiration and example for parenting your own life, and encouraging the conscious evolution of our personal inner masculine/feminine archetype images and energies. It is my hope that by bringing awareness to THIS in us, we can support our collective as we experience this intense period. The potential may be that we learn to truly care, love, and support first ourselves — then our world.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 2nd, 12:16 pm PDT

Here it is, the solar eclipse of July 2019, in the feeling, being, healing, and nurturing sign of Cancer. Get close to it. How do you feel? What great lessons are being stirred by events? How do they connect with the events of July 2018? And how about 2010? The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series is bringing about great soul shifts, especially for those with Libra-Aries or Cancer-Capricorn nodes. Cancer, you softness is brutal to take. My tender broken heart can hardly hold you above the engulfing waters, but Capricorn’s back bone and maturity is willing to be a spine and feet for you. Glorious being. Just be, Cancer whispers silently in the roll of waves. Standing in ocean there is a soft vast embrace. Stand upright or however you need to - to weather any storm. Trust your back. Let the gentle stirrings of deep personal knowing touch and awaken you. Where there is unhealthy patterning zero in on it. Discover neglected needs, honor, and begin anew. We can take care of one another but not at the expense of ourselves. We need to be more closely with ourselves and then with others. Vulnerability - practice allowing it. Accountability and integrity, serve it for breakfast. Chew the reality that this is your precious life. We have only this — may it be nourishing, feminine, and awake. The eclipse season rolls in perhaps like changing tides. Notice endings and beginnings. Make aspirations, choose health, support sensation in your heart — and access to love and magic. Here we are learning to honor the feminine/masculine, yin/yang within and around us. May we release and embody emotionally responsive and sage bodies, awakening to our lives as they are. Nurture, hold, be unwavering in your commitments. We need containers to allow the profundity of this softness to breathe. And softness to nurture the container of ourselves. Remember confidence and the benefits of solitude as well as intimate and familial connections of all kinds. We are transforming. This series of eclipses is ushering along our soul paths. Observe and look out for wake up calls. Wake to dream. Grow up.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th 7:21 AM PDT

Ballet costume design by Rudi Gernreich for Bella Lewitsky ballet & photo by Dan Esgro  #rudigernreich   #1976 ”  #repost  @tillyhazenberg

Ballet costume design by Rudi Gernreich for Bella Lewitsky ballet & photo by Dan Esgro #rudigernreich #1976” #repost@tillyhazenberg

Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th, 7:21 AM PDT // Dance in new territory. Surrender knowing, reference point, and safety. Let white sleeves and leg-born visions move you. Half-man and half horse, the archer-centaur strives we recognize the potential of awareness. Shoot an arrow into a target. Look. Does heart cleanse as you recognize pride or sorrow? See beyond self-centeredness; Sag-Gemini invites profound perception. Consider the unforgettable, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. – The Little Prince. More, @thekellymaclean, reminded me of 8th century Padmasambhava’s teaching, “Vision as vast as sky and action as small as sesame seeds.” It suits beautifully the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. Practice awareness of speech and thoughts this next couple of weeks. The full moon shines light in darkness, and may expose righteousness, dogmatism, entitlement, or fear. Move with spirit, ride wind, and dissolve habituation. Sagittarius loves fully, consciously, and with playful abandon.