Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn + North Node in Cancer Reflection, June 12th

As you navigate Capricorn–Cancer, THIS. How does it speak to you? I see the white tiger’s tender jaws as the embodiment of harmonizing this axis. Firm and tender care, of our personal, inner, and outer cubs. We need healthy Saturnian jaws as well as heartfelt and nurturing responsiveness (Cancer). Look out for clenching too tightly or neglecting altogether tenderness and need. Astrologers will in chorus reflect on the upcoming conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, a significant collective transit we are all feeling. We are facing our debts in Capricorn - in the words of my friend @wildflower. Let this white tiger be an inspiration and example for parenting your own life, and encouraging the conscious evolution of our personal inner masculine/feminine archetype images and energies. It is my hope that by bringing awareness to THIS in us, we can support our collective as we experience this intense period. The potential may be that we learn to truly care, love, and support first ourselves — then our world.