Neptune-Saturn Sextile, Jupiter square Neptune, + Mercury-Mars in Cancer opposition Pluto, June 19th

Part I:

Considering that the Neptune-Saturn sextile is the source of some very dreamy and concrete inspiration, at the same time that Jupiter’s square to Neptune could really charge our dreams! These planets are in their own signs, empowering vivid potential energy. I’m contemplating the following as we navigate this dreamy, foggy, and greatly inspired time.
While incredible potential, good fortune, and vision are possible, we are in need of evolving our collective masculine/feminine archetypes on a collective scale (irrespective of gender identity). The shadow side of vision can manifest in how we go about showing up for our commitments and goals/dreams (Capricorn)? We are evolving our capacity as sage beings. While choice, integrity, schedule, and discipline are needed— perhaps even more relevant is our soulful need for softness?
The North Node in Cancer calls we learn to integrate intuitive knowledge and feminine wisdom into the reality of our daily lives. We need stand for softness in every dimension of our lives. The intuitive knowing and emotional capacity of the soft innards of a crab are perhaps the very anecdote we soulfully seek and need to make vivid in reality our aspirations. Likewise, the evolution of our healthy masculine archetype and paternal images on a collective scale, need - desperately - to integrate this side of the axis

Part II:

Mercury and Mars in opposition to Pluto today are whispering a warrior stance for gentleness and vulnerability especially strongly. Be aware of the intensity of this aspect and take the opportunity June 18-20 to look deeply at whatever is calling your care and gentler strategy. We can see through wherever we are stuck right now, but we have to look in a way that takes a mature responsibility (soft, feeling, and nonjudgmental) for our part. Where are we unforgiving? We might open to the discomfort within and around that. Inside of that, there is something to discover about what is going on beneath our shell.
The North Node directs us towards Cancer’s nurturing, soft, very human understanding, and radical acceptance. This applies to ourselves and ultimately - to all beings. Despite our disagreements, are you alive to what it feels like? We can transform with softness, feeling, and understanding. It’s a good moment to begin.