Astrology Offerings

Personal Reading

(natal, transit, & progressions)


In a Personal Reading, we explore the map of the sky at the moment of your birth, to uncover your unique potential and path of awareness. We assess current transits to tune into the life cycles during a six month period.

- Bring conscious awareness to who you are (past, present, and future) 

- Receive a recording of the session

- Includes an original poem inspired by the session

A Personal Reading is a combination of a Natal Chart and Transits Session. 

 Relationship Reading

(natal, synastry, composite, transits, & progressions)


In a Relationship Reading we explore the astrological synastry between two people. It can help bring awareness to relationship dynamics to inspire growth or be used to assess a professional or creative collaboration. 

- Look at a partner/collaborator with fresh eyes, insight, and appreciation 

- Receive a recording of the session

- Includes an original poem inspired by the reading

A Relationship Reading is based on Synastry and Composite Chart Analysis.  

Special Reading

personalized focus

Hourly and package rates available upon request. 

Special Readings are popular for return clients. Together we assess how to best work together to meet your goals. When we meet in an ongoing way, we analyze present influences, relationships, and support a deepening of insight.   

Readings can include event analysis, date selection, relationship synastry, an Asteroid Goddess Reading, and personal, creative, or professional  support.

Please include the details of your request in your inquiry.

Special Readings are based on a combination of chart types.